Canoeing, Rafting, and Kayaking on the Illinois River
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Illinois River Rules

Violations Subjects to Fines ($206++)
  • No Glass or Styrofoam
  • No Littering (Free trash bags available. Please ask!)
  • All participants must have an accessible life preserver
  • 12 years and younger must wear life preserver
  • No strong spirits (hard alcohol/liquor or Jell-O Shots) allowed on river
  • Wine, beer and light beer in original non-glass packaging allowed (Alcohol that is 15% or less)
  • No firearms or weapons
  • No ice-chest larger than 52 qt in size and must be secured (A new law was passed which states that all coolers must have a locking system or they must be held shut with a bungee to prevent spilling.)
  • No tying canoes, rafts, or kayaks together
  • No jumping from bridge $1,000 Fine
  • No trespassing where posted
  • GRDA Officers patrol the river and surrounding area. Participants agree to allow Peyton's Place and Officers to inspect ice chests, bags, purses or other items for the presence of banned and/or illegal items.

Things to Make Your Float Pleasant

  • Always Wear Your Life Preserver (PFD)
  • Watch the river ahead and avoid obstacles
  • Stay to the inside of curves
  • Avoid logs, do not grab branches
  • Secure ice chest contents and belongings
  • Wear old river shoes, sunscreen, cheap sunglasses, and a hat
  • Do not jump or dive in river
  • Do not swing from rope swings
  • Do not jump from the bridge
  • Observe No Trespassing Signs
  • ALCOHOL impairs judgement, drink hydrating liquids